Something for ME!!

Well the camera is out in the van, so you will have to wait until the evening for pics, but I sewed something for ME!!!!  I have been drooling of the infinity dresses on craftster (its up to 134 pages) for a couple years.  While I finally decided to get some white knit & make myself a nice bleachable summer dress!  One of the best parts is that I can tie it properly so that I have support for ‘the girls’ with out having to wear a bra!

I also managed to get some of my Farmer’s Market fabric washed up to may the girls some cute dresses.  I got the everything cut out & ready to go, who knows, I may just get them finished up tomorrow.

Well its almost 2AM so I need to get to bed, but I promise pictures soon.

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1 Response to Something for ME!!

  1. Jessica says:

    ok you HAVE to post pics of your dress!

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