A New Friend!

Last weekend I went to a local yard/sewing studio sale.  I was over whelmed & knew I could spend lots of money so I walked away.  On the drive home I was thinking ‘I recognize that family’.  Half way home it occurred to me, I recognize them because I saved her on my ebay favorites a long time ago, her name is Shelia and she owns Baby Go Retro!

When I found out I was expecting twin girls 2 years ago I got excited about starting to sew again.   A friend introduced me boutique customs on ebay, and when I was VERY prego I would sit in my chair for hours & surf ebay looking at all of them, blown away at how expensive some of them are.  Anyways I cam across a local seller that actually had very reasonably priced sets so I decided to save her in my favorites… maybe I would contact her later when the twins were bigger to see if she needed a local model.  Sadly I remembered this from a glance of her face on her ME page 2 years ago, but I can’t remember where I set my car keys!

So since I knew who she was I decided to contact her about what she was actually selling & if she might be interested in having the twins model for her.  I am so glad I did!!!  Yesterday the girls and I went over & visited with her.  It was SO awesome to be able to talk to another person face to face about my sewing stuff & not get funny looks!  We chatted for a long time & she adored the girls even though they were tearing apart her scrap bins.  She is very excited about having a local model, let alone a matching pair :).

She had tons of older lines in her studio sell and I got the girls each 2 cute tees and the most adorable shorts/capris EVER (this style but a print from 2 years ago) for only $30!  I also got 5 Ottobre mags for $25!   Around the holidays she listed tons of her overstock in her ebay shop & she started her dresses at only $10!  She didn’t have a ton left, but they went fast, I am bummed I missed it.

I also got to see a lot of her new stuff & all I can say is CUTE!  It’s probably a good thing that she didn’t have much of the girls sizes pulled out or I may have ended up buying even more!  You can find her stuff in a few places…  she has a blog www.babygoretro.blogspot.com, her main store www.babygoretro.com & she also still lists on ebay Baby Go Retro on Ebay! She also has Baby Go Retro on Etsy though she doesn’t list in it often.  She is currently half way through getting her new lines Bistro Collection & Summer Solstice up in her store, so go check them out!

I was so excited I just had to share :)!

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3 Responses to A New Friend!

  1. shirley cedillo says:

    that was a really nice mention of sheila. I am her Mom and sooo proud of her. I was there but missed seeing you and the twins but thank you for that for sheila. she is an amazing girl

  2. Kymy says:

    Shirley you did an awesome job because Shelia is an amazing lady!

  3. Sheila says:

    That’s a first..ahh my mama..I love her.! And yes..thank you Kymy for the blog post! Your girls are downright adorable and I can not wait to do a photoshoot with them and it was a complete pleasure to have you here and chat about fabric and clothes..my fave things too :P…no funny looks from me! Let’s get together soon.

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