Finally some SEWING!

I know it’s been a very long time! I keep promising in posts about other stuff to post some sewing stuff soon, but I just been able to get a chance to sit at my machines long enough to be productive.  Anyways long story short… a local lady ordered 2 matching crayon rolls at the local farmers market.   Well this was when my grandma passed & my sister for got to give me the order for a few weeks.  I cashed the check & made them up that day.  The next day I called her number to arrange delivery or free shipping and it was disconnected!  My sister always forgets to ask for an email address too!  Anyways for months they have been floating from here to there on my sewing table waiting to get ahold of her… if all else failed the market would be starting soon.

Well she finally emailed the market manager and I got her new phone number…. just to realize that I had accidently freecycled one of the finished rolls as well as half the peices I had cut out to make more.  I remembered seeing some ‘scraps’ but didn’t think anything of it!  Well I didn’t have enough fabric to make another exact match… luckily she just wanted them to match, any flag fabric would work!  So I got to make 2 more completely from scratch!

Long story short it felt nice to get something finished!  I used this free tutorial, the only thing I changed was using elastic instead of some sort of tie that way younger kids can close it too.

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3 Responses to Finally some SEWING!

  1. alicia88 says:

    Nice idea. especially the elastic. Thank you.

  2. JanS says:

    What a neat idea. When my daughter was young she was always losing her crayons and the boxes did not help.

  3. mamati says:

    This turned out really well, i plan on making one for my daughter too.

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