Project Plant-a-Bulb

GE is planting a flower bulb for each unique visitor to this page during April, up to 100,000 bulbs. Help blanket the landscape with flower bulbs by sharing Project Plant-a-Bulb with your friends and family.

A fellow sewing mama shared this link & I just HAD to pass it on!   There is nothing to sign up for,  they are simply counting the unique page hits to see how much traffic they get… & in part for spending the 1 second of your time helping them they will plant a flower bulb!  I seriously don’t think there is something easier/faster you could do that is good for the environment!  That being said they also have lots of great resources and tools on their website that show you what you can do to be more green!

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1 Response to Project Plant-a-Bulb

  1. mamati says:

    Thanks for sharing its good to know that i just planted a flower bulb without actually having to go outside.

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