Switching over the closet…

This month has simply been crazy!  In 2 weeks I have the SNOMOMS (twins club) sale which I am excited about getting rid of lots of stuff… less excited about the sorting & pricing part of it.  Well to top it off the twins have had a little growth spurt & have out grown most of their 12-18 & 18m clothes!!!  Luckily I have the next size up & thanks to the awesome Gymboree black Friday sale some of it is warmer to get them through the winter.  I did have to make a trip to Payless Shoe Source for some shoes though… they were so awesome & held my shoes for a whole week so I could save $50 at the BOGO sale.

Anyways now that they have stuff to wear it’s time to clear out all the stuff that doesn’t fit!  Since spring is almost here part of that is also getting out all the spring & summer stuff too! It seriously takes me a day to get all 3 wardrobes switched over (I figured I would pick through Zanders before the sale too) So now I have 3 more hampers full of kids clothes to hang, price, sort & pack for the sale!  At least I will have money after the sale to get them some new toy boxes from Ikea because we really need them & the girls to rack bin thing is being sold at the sale as well.  I’m not sure exactly what size & set-up I will get, but I will be in organizational HEAVEN!  We can label the tubs & no toy boxes for them to climb into & get stuck.

0084361_pe210984_s41The day started off by me selling the smaller of the girls 2 dressers & one of the changing tables since I no longer had any need for them so they were simply taking up space.  Well now that space with the money I make from their old toys & clothes I can get them a much nicer way to keep their toys in their rooms organized!!!  The best part?  My 3 yr old is just excited about it as me.

Well enough being a loon, I have a lot to do while they are visiting their dad, so I better get back to it.

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