Upcycled T-shirt Nighty

Well with everything so crazy busy this is the first time, since my cape orders before Christmas, in almost 2 months that I have had a chance to sew something!

So part of my ‘stash’ is a pile of mens L-XXL t-shirts that I bought as cheap knit to play around with since I am still pretty new to knits & don’t have the $$ to mess up on the cute stuff. Anyways I have had this in my head for a while & it came out SUPER cute!!!  My half lady doesn’t have anywhere near as big of boobs as I do, so I had to monkey with the top a little to get a good picture.

As any of you that are past the DD cup size know most the store bought nighties if you get something to fit your chest its too big around the rib cage… & I have not had luck altering them, plus they are not cheap.  I am glad to have something that when I raise my arms the below the bust seam isn’t going to slide up over the top instead!

Anyways not bad for my first try!!!!  I got a bunch of T-shirts from the bag sale at the local thrift shop so I see many more of these in my future.  I think I will take pictures of the process next time so I can post a tutorial on my blog later this month… it went together super fast and fits PERFECT!

Enough talk, time for a picture…

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13 Responses to Upcycled T-shirt Nighty

  1. HomeschoolMommy says:

    This is way cool! I’d be very interested to know how you made this. Can you give us some hints…even before you have pictures of the process? I have a ton of large t-shirts from my travels. I don’t wear them anymore because I lost a bunch of weight. (Yeah!) This would be a great way to enjoy them again. Great idea!

  2. april says:

    this is fantastic. I cannot wait to see a tute on it! oh it just looks so comfy!

  3. Michelle says:

    SUPER cute!

  4. carrie says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Darcie says:

    Omg this is super cute! I wanna make one!

  6. Elsa says:

    Please let me know if you do a tutorial on making these. I have the problem with the store bought nighties… would love to make something that fits what my momma gave me…

  7. sheetal says:

    this is soooooooo cute….would love to make one of those!!!!! can you do a tutorial plzzzzz!!!!!!

  8. Tonya says:

    Oh, my goodness, I realize how old this post is, but I LOVE this!! Did you ever do a tutorial? I would love it!!

  9. Lizzy says:

    I love this! Can’t wait to have you post how to do this!!!!

  10. Sussie says:

    Tutorial plz!! 😀

  11. Lisa says:

    Love this! Too cute….will you be doing a tutorial?

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