A Super Couple Of Weeks!

Well the last few weeks have been crazy!  Between teething fighting toddlers, getting ready for the holidays & cape orders things have just been a bit of a mad house!  But I have been able to get some sewing done besides posting links on my blog.

The good news is today I got everything including my shipping all caught up!  In the last 3 weeks I have sold 7 Super Hero Cape Sets (I had to ship most before I could take pictures) & then I had a nice local lady from Etsy who makes ADORABLE fariy outfits asked me if I might be able to make 4 none personalized capes only so she could donate them to a local childrens hospital Christmas program.  I gave her a price that she was more then happy with which was basically my cost if I had to buy all the supplies NOT on sale.  So she decided she wanted 10!!!   I was able to get most of the stuff on sale so I was still even able to make a little Christmas cash off of it.

Anyways it took a few days here & there since I can’t leave the stuff out with the kids, but they got done!  Then came the task of the shipping 🙂  Since she lives only about 4 hrs away it was cheaper to send them priority mail then parcel.  But the issue became what packaging to ship them in?  The boxes add almost 1lb to the weight which adds to the cost.  So me & my handing packing skills got 10 fleece capes tightly packed into a USPS Tyvek Priority Mail Envelope.  I think the limit was about 6, but I got them all in & taped up nicely so everything was good to go!

I think when I make some for the kids I am going to put the lightning bolds under their letters… that would look pretty neat!  To top it off all these capes count torward the East VS West stash game I am participating in until Monday!  PLUS I have already got orders for 4 more sets & have another order for 2 more in progress!  All the ones I have sold so far are for Christmas presents, so I hope that I make lots of little kids happy this year!

So here in the crazyiness is 10 superhero capes with lightning bolts & stars on them and their cramped packaging ready for the post office!

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