1 Major Accomplishment!

First let me say yes I know I am writing this at 3am in the morning… I just wasn’t tired so I finished up some cleaning.  I am so happy & so relieved to have my dining room back!  It took me 2 days of working on piles here & there to get it spotless but it was worth it & it will stay this way.  I did not take a before picture but to give you a visual the side where the highchairs are (they were in the living room before) was filled with stuff.  Mostly paper bags of all the random stuff that didn’t have anywhere else to go & had to get out of the twins reach!  The top half of the table was also covered plus to the left which you can’t see I used to have a half bookcase full of junk with more junk on top!  That was the remnants from when my office was in the dining room.

The bookcase was cleaned off & moved into the office/sewing room where it belongs.  I have a small bag of stuff for my sister, 3 plastic grocery bags of random stuff for the thrift store & a kitchen garbage can full of garbage!  Everything else got taken care of & 1 box and a paper bag of office & sewing stuff got moved to the office so I can start to tackle it tomorrow.  I do plan on taking before & after pics of that to remind me not to let it get that way again!

The best part of all of this is that I have been able to keep the other parts of the house that I have been working on clean.  I do have half a sink of dirty dishes & 2 hampers of clean clothes to take care of, but everything else is clean.  Tomorrow B wants to rent a Rug Doctor so we can clean the carpets.  It is an ex-rental house so they aren’t that great even when clean… but get super dirty fast & irritating to look at.  Who was the genius that thinks its a good idea to put cream carpet in rental houses anyways?  I can’t wait until we get wood flooring!  At least the office has Pergo cause I hate carpet in sewing rooms.

Well I just wanted to share my progress.  Tomorrow is sewing room cleaning day which includes fabric folding LOTS of fabric.  Heck, maybe we will even get the Christmas tree out  I like to set it up after thanksgiving dinner if I can.  Well off to bed to get some sleep before the kids wake up, thank goodness my kids sleep until 9 or 10!!!

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