My new shop :)

Well I have been trying to get stuff done FOREVER but I am horrible about doing it unless the $$ is sitting right in front of me!  SO if you saw my post last week I came up with this… Super Hero Cape & Mask Sets.
Anyways I showed some of my friends pictures from the blog post & they got excited… none the less I got an order the same day for 3 sets!

Well I decided okay, time to list them & get serious about this!  The only problem was that they Etsy shop I had I set up before my blog & it was pretty kid specific… I have been meaning to get a new one that fit with my blog since that’s really the direction my sewing has gone.  Anyways its something to change now, not later that way once I start selling I can build up some feedback.  The kids went to their dads for a few hours tonight so I actually took advantage of that & opened my new shop EYMM on etsy (the intials to my blog 😉 ).  Going though all of that I had to get something listed, so I did!  Go check it out…

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