My Exceptional Mamas!

Well when my oldest was only a few months old I looked for an online community that I could ask questions, learn about new stuff & just have support of other moms with newborns.  Little did I know from that HUGE forum with thousands of moms I would end up joining a smaller private invitation only group that branched out from the original group, and end meeting 40 of my best friends!  The forum was named Exceptional Moms & honestly at that time I don’t think ANY of us realized truely how exceptional all these women are.  They have been there for me through all my ups & downs & I have even got to meet a few of them in real life as well as talk to most of them over the phone at least a few times.

Over the last couple years a lot of them have realized just how crafty they are. That along with the etsy boom they have actually been able to branch out & start to show case & sell their exceptional items!  The group has a very basic website homepage that has links to a lot of the web stores Exceptional Moms.

So why did I decide to blog about all of this?  Well since a lot of my EM mamas stores & blogs are pretty new or recently freshened and my blog gets a lot of traffic I have decided to feature a different EM mama each week to help get them some more exposure.   I will post some pictures of their products as well as some info from an interview with them.  There is a large variety of crafts which. since I know I personally don’t have time to make all of them even though I know how to make many, are a perfect way to start your Christmas shopping!  Also some of the ladies have offered up free items to give away via my blog/their interview as well as some discount codes for their shops.

With all of our holiday exchanges & shopping I have recieved items from nearly all of these mamas & have always been very pleased :).

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  1. ambercripe1 says:

    Thank you for loving EM!

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