Been Busy!

Life has just been crazy the last few weeks.  I have been busy cleaning & trying to organize things around the house & plan a big consignment sale at the same time to raise money for Whidbey Parents Of Multiples which I am the Vice President of.  At the same time I have also been busy working on the newsletter for SNOMOMS which I am in charge of the public & private websites as well as publishing the newsletter.  All that in my little spare time hasn’t left much time for sewing but thats okay!

I have gotten some sewing done for a few swaps I particpated in 🙂 I promise once I get some pictures from them that I will share.  Anyways I also have a few new free tutorials planned for the next month as well as an update of the photos to the babylegs tutorial.  AND since most of us don’t have time to make all the different types of crafts I plan on doing features on some of my close friends & their products that they sale.

Well I look forward to me weekend of rest before the caious returns but I promise to have lots of sew ‘n shows in the next month as its time for the semi-annual Sewing Mamas stash game.  ‘Til next time 😉

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