I actually sold something!

I am so happy 🙂 but who wouldn’t be.  My sister has a both at a local Farmer’s Market & often times when I have dresses that the pattern sizing is off or I know I won’t finish a 2nd one for the other twin then I will tag them & send them up with her!  I have also dropped off a few other random things like crayon rolls & aprons too.  Well the first day I brought 2 of my Coffee Half Aprons I sold one, then the next Thursday I was up there & I sold apparently the only dress I didn’t blog about!!!  It was a super cute summer dress with thiss adorable strawberry fabric I had been holding on to forever.  I have a dragonfly one cut as well. but I use a stupid simplicity pattern & like usual the size 3/6 month came out in 18m!  I would have saved it for the twins but that would have fit them in the middle of the winter.

Since most of the forums I go to are sewing related & most people visiting my blog sew or want to so they know & appreciate the quality of handmade stuff.  What made me SO excited about selling this particular dress is the person who bought it told me how much she appreciates quality handmade stuff & how awesome it was that she could by this great quality dress for the same price as the nice looking (not great quality) dresses at Wal-mart.  I honestly don’t know if I will ever forget that, but it inspires me to get more serious about making stuff to sell!

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2 Responses to I actually sold something!

  1. Shelly G. says:

    Congratulations… I think you should sell more if you have the time:)

  2. DeeLight says:

    Congratulations on your sale!! I know what you mean about pattern sizes being wierd sometimes. My mom has always said take measurements and go by that, but even then the size is sometimes off.

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