Coffee Half Apron

I have had this tea towel half apron in my head for a while!  I had seen something similar, but it was smaller then what I wanted.  Anyways I picked up a few 100% cotton tea towels that I really liked and a few packages of bias tape & went at it.  The coffee one pictured (looks odd cause my ankles are crossed) was a little more difficult to incorporate the design, but I still ended up with 3 nice pockets & extra long ties.   The others I have made are the same finished size with slightly bigger pockets.  I would like to consider selling them on etsy but its really hard to find tea towels that are actually square.  Not square in shape… they are rectangles, but have square corners!  I even looked at the more expensive ones & they are all just a little wonky which makes it more difficult to cut & sew something that’s not.

I am very pleased with the end result & went back & bought some more 🙂 now to just get something finished!  These will make great Christmas gifts :).

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2 Responses to Coffee Half Apron

  1. Kayce says:

    Cute! I’ve made craft show aprons with a similar style out of jeans and recycled tshirts. I bet your aprons would do well on Etsy! I love taking an item and making it something completely different!

  2. DeeLight says:

    Love the apron. You have some cute stuff. Are you a member of the Apronista Network? I not you should check it out you might like it.

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