Toddler Tie Dress

So ever since I saw Vegbees tutorial I have been meaning to draft up a tie strap bodice for a toddler dress.  I can do buttons, snaps, Velcro & zippers but I rather not :).  So last night I finally sat down & played around a bit.  It turned out cute, but next time I will make the middle (neckline) smaller & arm pits bigger… the overall width is good, but I need to length the straps just a bit more.  I still have some cute pockets to put on it as well, but last night it got to the point where I needed to turn off the machine & WALK A WAY!

So this morning bed head Baylie got to try it on.  My twins are girly girls & they will fight to the death over hair pretty’s, sunglasses, clothes & shoes!  Anyways she was over the moon after I got it on her & she just ran around the living room with her crazy hair.

The great thing about this dress is it can be made in fall & winter fabric as a jumper or pinafore to be worn over a shirt with leggings, tights or jeans.  PERFECT Christmas gifts 🙂

Anyways here it is!



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1 Response to Toddler Tie Dress

  1. Amy McGrady says:

    Love the dress! Too cute! My older daughter’s name is Baylie too. I’ve never seen anyone else spell it the same (until now)!

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