Chugga-Chugga, CHOO-CHOO!

Its been a while & this isn’t a Christmas in July post but I have been busy planning & having my sons 3rd birthday party!  Even thought I dislike Thomas my son adores him, so I just couldn’t say no when he asked for a Thomas The Train Engine party!! So to go with his Thomas B-day party this weekend I made him some Thomas shorts. The only fabric I could find really wasn’t meant for kids clothing… large spaced out print that was all directions.  So it took me about 3 times as long to trace & cut out the pieces because I wanted to have prime train coverage.

Anyways the pattern is one I drafted myself… this is the pair I have made with it… the other 2 can be found on my blog as well… I plan on making a similar pants pattern for his fall clothes.




Action Shot

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1 Response to Chugga-Chugga, CHOO-CHOO!

  1. Audrey says:

    Wow, those are so adorable and he’s so cute. Nice work. I can not sew at all 😦 However I can crochet.

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