Well I made my list!

Here it is!  I in no way plan on getting it all done this month, but will come up with a weekly goal to aim for shortly.  I still don’t know WHAT a lot of the gifts will be, but at least now I have a starting place!

Christmas things to make…

Dress’s for the twins
Naughty/Nice shirts for the whole family
Christmas PJ’s for me, B, Zander, the twins & Eric

People to make gifts for:

Direct Family Members:

B~ needs some PJ’s!
Mom (adult)
Tony (adult)
Karen (adult)
Eric (25)
Jessy (22)
Chris (19)
Zander (3)
Baylie (18m)
Carlie (18m)
Chloe (17.5m)

Other Family Members

Venessa & Mike (adults)
Janay (16)
Damion (13)
Tia (10)
Destiny (9)
Connor (3)
Ben (2.5)

Close Friends:

Elizabeth (4)
Nathaniel (2)
Aidan (3)
Liam (19m)
Dusty (5)
Cason (2)
Baby Gardner (due right before Christmas!)

Little Gifts for Others:

Mail Person
Zanders Teachers (3)
B’s Office People

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3 Responses to Well I made my list!

  1. Rae says:

    Hi there! I saw your blog link on Freecycle. I think we’re in the same neighborhood. 🙂 Love your sewing stuff! I’m a newbie seamstress myself. Quilting mostly. Tried a cloth diaper once. But clothing? Yikes…that’s brave.

  2. Amanda says:

    You should see my list. I’m a little anal/OCD about organization. I have an excel spreadsheet broken down into brackets of how much will be spent on each person. Every year the list keeps growing and growing because everyone keeps having kids!!! Oh well, at least kids are easy to make for!

  3. merettig says:

    I have a goal to learn to knit right now I am using a simple loom (not that simple) but hopeful to learn to knit the old fashion way from someone in my craft group. Gave me ideas for x-mas presents. It is never too early.

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