My Wal-mart finds!

So I don’t get fabric there often, but I ran in to pick up some thread for a friend (no quilt shops or craft stores near her, just wal-mart).  Anyways I cam home with lots of fabric 🙂  I had been given some polka dots from there a while back off the $2 a yard stuff.  I was supprised that it didn’t bleed AND it washed like the $$ designer stuff.  So when they had some differnt ones I had to get some.  I also found some light knit poly that was just what I was looking for, for a dress I wanted to make & a few other light weight polka dot jerseys.  anyways it was all just $2 a yard!  As you will see in my next blog post it is already being put to good use!

Pictures of course!

Jersey Knits (I think… that’s what they FEEL like)


100% Cotton Wovens


Polyester Stretch Knits


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1 Response to My Wal-mart finds!

  1. Kay says:

    My WalMart in TN doesn’t sale fabric anymore. They also said that within a few months they’ll be doing away with their notions. I noticed the patterns were gone last month… I’ve gotten fabric there for years! It’s always been at great prices… Oh well… seems the economy has the entire world cutting back.

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