My Azalea Dress!

I downloaded it from Burda Style last week & have been looking for the perfect fabric for it since!  Well if you saw my Wal-mart post I got it finally :). Anyways it is a FREE downloadable pattern… but it does print on 45 pieces of paper, 40 or which you have to cut out & tape together… but it was worth it!  The pattern is for Euro sizes 34-46 which is 4-16 US I think.  Here is the direct link to the Azalea Dress Pattern.

SOOO I did do things a little differently… I used a knit instead of woven so I was able to leave out the zipper because it stretches right over my head!  I also LOVE the way the poly falls… its light but has enough weight to drape.  Well here are the pictures!  I still need to hem the bottom but my serger looper thread broke & I’m not dealing with it right now lol.  Be warned I am MUCH larger then my model so the back shot looks a little wonky.  I promise real shots soon.

Cost to make this dress… 3.5 yards of fabric at $2 a yard plus 8.4% tax… $7.59 for a great dress!




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8 Responses to My Azalea Dress!

  1. Meika says:

    Wow, Great job with the dress especially for that price! I love the red and black too. Just my colours!

  2. Lisa says:

    Nice choice!! My sister got a same patterns dress from Target for her birthday anniversary.

  3. GJ Amber says:

    I really love this dress. Looks like a pattern with endless possibilities.

  4. Lisa Hehr says:

    Awww, sad 😦 just clicked the pattern link you have and it is no longer free 😦 Looks awesome. Burda has a bunch of pictures on the page of the dress done in different fabrics etc. Wish I could get it for free. If anyone does have it I would really appreciate it if you could email me the pattern file …. clhehr at 😀 Please 🙂

  5. Lisa Hehr says:

    PS. Where did you manage to get that fabric for only $2 a yard?!?!

  6. Kristen says:

    Lovely dress!! And amazing the price for it too!! I checked but the pattern is no longer available as free.. I was wondering if you could be so kind to mail me the file… my e mail adress is I would really appreciate it… Great wed side too!!

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