Trying out FINALLY!

So I had a store set up for a while, but I have been so busy that I have put it off. & when I didn’t get some things made I donated them instead. Anyways I joined a few etsy street teams including Etsyrain & Sewingmamas. Anyways will all the hype & the new sewingmamas blog I FINALLY got my first item listed in my store!!!! It’s just some boo boo buddies, but its a start. I am hoping to list a few dresses that I have made over the next week once I get some better pictures as well as some full size hot/cold therapy packs! Anyways I just got excited & decided to share! My etsy store is

Buy Handmade
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1 Response to Trying out FINALLY!

  1. cartoongoddess says:

    Cute stuff! Can’t wait to see more…

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