Ebay Boycott Feb 18th-25th!

Well I am not sure if you are like me, but I have sold on Ebay for over 6 years!!! I have made a good chunk selling mine & my children’s used clothing & other household stuff. I know a lot of people use it as a way to make a little cash on the side for the family. I don’t know if you heard about ebays recent feedback changes to please buyers do to the decrease in sells. It may be great for the buyers since they can’t get bad feedback no matter what, but it screws over sellers! And to top it off they ‘decreased’ listing fees to make it look like they were saving sellers money, but in reality they are just rasing the rest of the fees instead.

I am not sure if you guys have heard about this, but this is what sellers & many buyers are doing to boycott the feedback changes mostly but the fee raises AGAIN as well. Anyways today is the first day & they have lost almost 500,000 auctions today already! Take it they average around 16million, but its still enough to actually make a small dent & its only the first day. I personally haven’t been selling on there much anyways cause its so $$$. I am trying out www.ioffer.com which is the 2nd largest ‘selling’ site on the web with 2-3 auctions each day since it is free to list (small selling fee but if it doesn’t sell no fee!)  No matter what I highly doubt I will sell or buy on ebay anymore.  I am also looking into http://www.bidville.com.

Anyways this auction was posted & pulled with in hours… but it was bid up to $155,000 I think (joking bids, but lots of them) Anyways a mom on a gymbo board I belong too was smart & left the window open so she was able to copy & paste later when it had been pulled, so I figured I would share… (this is funny & makes you laugh but the sad thing is that its actually TRUE!) Feel free to share this on forums, as well as with friends & family. I would love to give this seller credit, but I do not know their ebay name, if you know who listed this fee free to email me!!!

AMAZING Boycott Ebay Feb 18th – 25th TOAST –Must See !

AMAZING Boycott Ebay Feb 18th – 25th TOAST –Must See !

This auction is being relisted after ebay pulled it yesterday — They told me it was because they tried to call me and I couldn’t be reached. Then they told me it was because I didn’t have an item to offer. Then they told me I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO GIVE MY PERSONAL OPINIONS OR VIEWS IN AN AUCTION!

So, here it is again — without any of my opinions (which were actually facts).

What I have up for auction today is just UNBELIEVABLE!!! I made myself toast for breakfast and when it popped from the toaster I found it to have the “likeness” of

BOYCOTT EBAY on one side and FEBRUARY 18TH – 25TH + BEYOND on the other!!!

Here are some questions I’ve received on this:

Q: Will butter come with this toast? Stay strong! United we stand, Divided we fall!
A: Yes, I’ll include a pat of butter for each hour this auction stays up. 🙂

Q:If I win can I pay with a 3rd party, un-endorsed persoanl check from a bank in Lagos, Nigeria? Because if you don’t let me do that, plus cut my grass, pick up my dry cleaning, and paint my living room- I’m going to give you bad feedback. Oh, and can I get whole wheat instead in case my pimp doesn’t like it?
A: You can have whatever you want — my dog, my children, my house…. You’re the buyer and I want your experience here on ebay to be special.

Q: I am quit upset. I bid on your item but was outbid immediately. I truely believe I saw the Virgin Mary in that toast, but it was only Mr. Donahue in drag. Giving much thought and my strong desire to win, can you divide up the toast, say into eight equal parts having all the winners wipe their butts on it and send it to Ebay. I also am supportive of many packages being sent STC: horse droppings to ebay , thus providing them the same as they have provided us. I still think it might be the Virgin Mary, No, its definately the CEO himself. Don’t forget to send the horse droppings to ebay, via a ebay box.
A: I will definately consider dividing the toast up between the 8 highest bidders as long as they will all agree to wipe their butts on their piece and send it off to Mr. Donahue.

Q: I like my EBAY toast more burnt, can we fix this??? Is jam an extra $2, butter $1.50, Cut in half $4….With EBAY & Paypal FEE’s I can’t afford a loaf of bread!!!
A: Here is where you are mistaken— YOU are the BUYER — it wont cost you a thing — actually you dont even have to pay me and I cant do anything about it.

Q:If this toast is indeed a miraculous occurrence, will it protect me from eBay’s predatory monopoly and “seller beware” attitude? If so, May I order a whole loaf???
A: I am not sure if even this special toast can protect you from ebay.

Q:HEY ! Are you trying to help eBay realize on WHICH SIDE THEIR BREAD IS BUTTERED ?!? … (Couldn’t resist.)
A: LOL!!

Q:I demand that this come with grape jelly, and arrive at my door overnight, and I expect it to still be warm so I can eat it up right away. I’ll send the payment in a month or two….
A: I will deliver this myself… and bring a napkin to wipe the jelly from the corner of your mouth. My goal is YOUR positive buying experience.

Q: Do you think your magical toaster could make a bunch of these for my friends on ebay that may not be able to buy bread since the increase??? And if so would you be willing to combine shipping??? I used to be an ebay seller, so you know that my funds are VERY limited now… I hope you understand.. And If I win, I promise I JUST MIGHT, give you positive feedback, depends on what time of the month the bread arrives… BOYCOTT VICTORIOUSLY!! STAY AWAY FROM EBAY!!
A: If you leave me positive feedback, then I’ll SELL you my magical toaster on another auction venue after this ends!! Deal??

Q: If I win this auction, may I send you a post dated check, I would pay with paypal, but they have frozen my funds, as you see, I have only 10 feedback. I may have to wait 21 days to have my money, and then if the buyer doesn’t like the stuff he ordered, I may not get my money at all, in that case you might have to wait another 21 days for the dispute process… I really want this as a gift for a friend (You may know the new Ceo of Ebay)… But you would have to trust that I would re-imburse you someday…
A: No problem!! Actually, you can just pay directly to Donahue and I’ll ship it to him for you. I’d only make about 13 cents anyway.

I will keep this toast in a very safe place — I would hate for it to get stolen or eaten because then I would have to end this auction early. I’m sure you understand.

Please ask questions before bidding — all will be answered immediately.

Have a great day, friends!

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2 Responses to Ebay Boycott Feb 18th-25th!

  1. easytoentertain says:

    omg…that had me giggling…and this is why i am glad i dont sell on ebay any more…gonna go check out that other site you posted…hum…

  2. sohn says:

    ebay is always require fee more than ioffer. I love to sell in I ofer more than! Thank you for your sharing.

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