Well I haven’t really had an entry like this before, but I love to shop & love to save money even more!!! I mean you have to when you have young kids. Anyways I know this is on many of the mom boards, loops & blogs already, but I am getting a big fat check in a few days so it got me excited enough to share!!!

I have been a member of ebates for about 5 months now. I enjoy their program as it helps me save a little more money on my online purchases. The best part is that I actually get a check in the mail every 3 months, no strings attached! On Feb 15th I will be receiving my 2nd check for $84.29! Its awesome cause I wouldn’t have gotten it otherwise, so it is literally free money.

How does it work you ask? Well its a rewards system for shopping online! If you shop online you should check out ebates, its FREE to use, no strings attached!!! It is a program that is free to sign up for. When ever you want to shop online go to their site & click on the stores link… then shop as usual. After submitting your order it takes 2-3 days, but ebates will give you CASH back into your account. Then every 3 months they send out Big Fat Checks, & you can even get them put directly into your paypal account or a check in the mail.

They have over 800 online stores that offer cash back… any where from 1%-25%. Most popular sites like Old Navy,
Wal-mart, Childrens Place & Target offer 3-6%. But there are TONS more including sites like Expedia, NewEgg.com,
Shutterfly, Apple iTunes, drugstore.com, Overstock, Home Depot & much, much more!

If you are going to be shopping online anyways you might as well be getting free money right? There are NO strings
attached to this. The best part… you get $5 just for signing up! Plus for the holidays you get another $5 if you make
your first purchase with-in 30 days (must sign up by 2/14/08). That’s $10, no matter how much you spend. Heck it’s at
least worth checking out right? To Check Out Ebates Click Here

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