Crib & Toddler Bed Sheet Tutorial!

Well I got quite a few people asking if the crib sheets were easy to make, & yes they are! The longest part is the elastic, the rest only takes a few minutes. Anyways I have made this for a while & used a few different patterns, but none of them have good pictures!!! So I decided once again that I would make my own tutorial to share with everyone! Here ya go…


They are SUPER easy to make & a HUGE money saver, you can even make them out of old sheets from the thrift store! Some patterns call for a little less fabric, but I like this sizing because it fits over the mattress VERY well with the extra on the back, & I have never had any of them come off my sons bed.  The standard US crib mattress is approx. (they all vary a little bit) 51 5/8″ X 27 1/4″ and range from 4″-6.5″ thick.  Because of the way this pattern is designed it will fit mattresses that are a little bigger/thicker or a little smaller/thinner.  If the sheet is a little loose on your mattress you can fix this on the next one you make by using the same length of elastic but making it stretch a few inches farther when you sew it on… this should tighten it nicely.

You need 2 yards of woven (no stretch) PRE-WASHED fabric. knits stretch all over, but not in the seams so they require different measurements

4 12″ pieces of 1/4″ or 3/8″ elastic

Scissors or Rotary cutter

Sewing Machine

Matching thread…

First you want to cut your fabric to be 45″ X 69″ (45″ X 70″ if you want to hem the ends) piece of Fabric. This MUST be pre-washed, otherwise the first time it is washed it will never fit the mattress as well again!

Next if you want to just serge or zig zag the raw edges then you just do that.

Sheet Tutorial

This is what you end up with…

Sheet Tutorial

If you want to hem the raw edges then cut it 70″ instead & on each end fold it under 1/4″ & then again another 1/4″ to hide the raw edge & sew it down!

Sheet Tutorial
Sheet Tutorial
Sheet Tutorial
Sheet Tutorial

Then you take your big rectangle that you now have & you cut 8″x8″ squares out of each of the 4 corners. I have found the easiest way to do this is to fold the fabric in half so your newly finished edges meet. Then take the edge that we haven’t done anything to & fold it over to the matching edge… this quarters it & puts all 4 corners in the same place. Here are the pics…

Sheet Tutorial
Sheet Tutorial

Lay your 8″ by 8″ template down & cut it out of a.. 4 layers. You can also do it one corner at a time.

Sheet Tutorial

This is what you’ve got…

Sheet Tutorial

Then with the WRONG side of your fabric facing up you want to match to two side that are now left from where you cut the square out together & sew (I use 3/8″ seams, its up to you!) Do this to all 4 corners.

Sheet Tutorial
Sheet Tutorial
Sheet Tutorial
Sheet Tutorial
Sheet Tutorial

When you look at the right side of the fabric it should look like this…

Sheet Tutorial

Next is the elastic! Fold the elastic in half & mark the center… now line this up with the edge of the seam you just made (again on the out side of the fabric) & pin in place. Then you want to mark out 12″ from both sides of that point & pin the lose ends of the elastic to the sheet.

Sheet Tutorial
Sheet Tutorial
Sheet Tutorial
Sheet Tutorial

When you have the middle & both ends pinned in place it should look something like this…

Sheet Tutorial

Now with your machine set to zigzag… I found the width 5-7 works best depending on the with of your elastic. I also set my stitch length to 4, or the longest or ‘basting’ stitch that your machine has. Now place your starting end under the needle & lower the pressure foot, you want to make a few stitches & back stitch or two to make sure it is secured & stop with the needle in the down position. Now you want to grab the next pin & stretch it so the fabric is tight… holding both the back & front of the fabric, pull it through as sew… once you needle gets to the next pin, grab the last pin & repeat, just make sure to back stitch it to secure the end. Again this is done to all 4 corners & then you are done!

Sheet Tutorial
Sheet Tutorial
Sheet Tutorial
Sheet Tutorial
Sheet Tutorial

This is what the corners should look like when your done…

Sheet Tutorial

Sheet Tutorial

And when on the mattress!!!

Sheet Tutorial
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me!

UPDATE:  I have had a lot of interest from mamas in other countries & wanted to list the metric measurements to help answer some of your questions!  The standard US crib mattress (what this is made for) is approx. 130cm X 69cm & can range from 10-16cm deep.  Even if yours is a little bigger or smaller in either direction these should still fit!  If the sheet is a little loose to your liking then stretch your elastic a little farther next time to tighten it.

Here are the metric conversions…

You will want to purchase 1 3/4 meters of fabric You will want your fabric to be 114cm X 175cm

You will want 4 pieces of 31cm long 6-10mm wide elastic.

The squares you cut out of the 4 corners will be 20cm x 20cm.

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194 Responses to Crib & Toddler Bed Sheet Tutorial!

  1. Carrie says:

    I super excited to try this. Am expecting a baby and can’t imagine spending money on shets when I have a whole closet full of flat sheets I don’t use on my other beds. Than ks a bunch!

  2. katie says:

    what are the measurements to make twin sheets? is everything else the same?

    • Bev McCormaack says:

      a twin mattress measures 39×75. You would need to use 54/60 inch wide fabric since the 39 inch width would leave only 2 1/2-3 inches overhang which would not be enough to go under the mattress edges. When my granddaughter was small we made sheets out of fleece, since she kicked off the covers. To figure the amount of fabric needed measure the length of the mattress add 8″ plus 1″ for a hem to make a casing for the elastic. I used elastic that would reach from corner to corner or approximately 36″.Hope this helps.

  3. I just wanted to say that you soooooo much. The sheets I just finished are perfect!!!!

  4. Angelina says:

    Thank you so much for this! I love it!!!!!!! the best part about it, it was so stinkin EASY!

  5. Cary Dainton says:

    This was so easy. So much easier than reading the pattern I bought.

  6. Rebecca Hallmark says:

    Thank you for your time & effort in this tutorial! I followed it and it was very easy!

  7. Betty says:

    This tutorial is absolutely BRILLIANT! My mom, who’s pretty amazing with a sewing machine, couldn’t even explain how to make bedding this easily! And thanks to the courage I got from realizing how simple it could be, I’ve actually taken the semi-fitted sheet a step further and sewed it to the fitted one for a one-piece flat/fitted combo! I stiched it to the fitted sheet at the bottom hem and sewed the flat and fitted sheets’ bottom corners together like your tutorial shows, then I attached the elastic as instructed on the corners and VOILA! No fussing with two seperate sheets, and the bed is that much easier to make in the morning! THANKS AGAIN for this great tutorial!

  8. Judy says:

    I enjoy making crib sheets. They’re so easy to make, but it just seems that the fabric isn’t as wide as it used to be, therefore I’ve had to add extra fabric all the way around. I think retailers need to get with their manufacturers and get them to make fabric the true 45″ in width. Seems most is 43-44″. Do others out there find this a problem as well?


    • Kymy says:

      Yes I have noticed that but honestly I just use them at that width… it’s pretty forgiving project! The only issues I have had is with some of the flannels that shrink down below 35″ in width.

      • Kelly says:

        I’m so glad I read down farther in these comments- I just got a BUNCH of flannels from Joann Fabric’s black friday sale only to realize after the fact that they are 42″ in width and was afraid it wouldn’t work but if you say that should still work (it didn’t shrink down at all I measured after washing) then I’m going to get started on my sheets!

    • Rose Clapp says:

      “Back in the Day”…material was a true 45 inches. Now, the material mills are making it 42-43 wide….saves them money (you get less material for the same amount of money). It’s not right, but it’s the way it is now. =((

  9. karen says:

    thank you so much for this ! I just bought a serger and I am trying to get used to it and I really appreciate your pictures showing where you used each machine. I am off to make my first crib sheet!

  10. Kali says:

    Thanks a million!!! I have been working on a rockstar themed room for my son who’s due in February. I didn’t like the pre-made bedding, so I ordered all the fabric and it turned out awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel like the rockstar!!!

  11. Helen says:

    This tutorial is absolutely BRILLIANT! I am so happy to say that I made my toddler a bedding set. Thanks!!!
    I am tired of spending money with baby bedding, toddler bedding and my kids bedding. I went online and searched for ideas, I found a baby bedding that I wanted for my new born, but they did not offer toddler bed. My kids have to share rooms. Well, I ordered the baby bedding and also ordered extra fabric for my other girl.

  12. InterpreterMama says:

    I’m new at sewing and I am so grateful for this tutorial. My daughter is a heavy wetter and I have to change her sheets daily. There is no way I am going to buy 7 sheets, especially when they are poor quality and made in China! I’m going to try this pattern this weekend. Does it work with fleece or plush? What about flannel? Thank you!!!

    • Kymy says:

      I works great with flannel though they tend to be snugger then the wovens because the fabric isn’t as wide most of the time… be we love flannel sheets! You can use fleece or other plush fabric like minky, but they are stretchy so you will want to cut them a few inches smaller in each direction to accommodate for that. It is important to make sure the sheet fits tight ESPECIALLY if you are using thicker or fluffier fabric. Since mattress’s tend to come in different depth’s one way to adjust the tightness is to pull the elastic even farther/tighter when sewing the sheet.

  13. Sarah Schale says:

    How do I put elastic all the way around the fitted sheet? If I use a plush fabric or fleece how much smaller all the way around do I need to make the material? The instructions for making the sheets are great but leaving me to figure out how much smaller would not work out at all. lol

    • Kymy says:

      Honestly it’s hard because they all have a different amount of stretch and all mattress vary in how thick they are. If it has good stretch I would make it 2″ shorter in each direction & that would be a good place to start. I would so the first one with cheaper fabric. As for the elastic all the way around I just start at one spot & pull it as tight as I can as I sew it all the way around… no science to it really, but I do love the results. I hope this is at least of some help to you, sorry I couldn’t be more specific!

  14. zeti says:

    Hi there, how much fabric do I need to have to make a bed sheet for a 132 cm x 68 cm mattress? thanks –zeti

    • Kymy says:

      That is just about the same size as the standard mattress I used! If you want to make it a little snugger fitting I would make it 1″ less in each direction then the original directions, but you will need the same amount of fabric to start.

  15. Helen Baum says:

    Great instructions, thank you. I sew a lot and this is the easiest tutorial to follow. Our second Grandson is due soon and he will have the best sheets ever and our first one will have some lovely handmades by Nannie.
    Thanks Helen.

  16. Sandy Kanger says:

    I bought some flannel on sale this winter to make some nice warm sheets for my grandson. Can’t wait to try this tomorrow! I just finished his fleece blanket today. THanks for your tutorial. It all makes sense to me.

    • Sandy says:

      I made one sheet this evening and it was very easy to do. Tried it on the crib mattress that’s on the toddler bed and it fit really nice. Thanks!

  17. Debbie says:

    I have many sites on making crib sheets and this is by far the easiest to follow, your directions are so clear and easy to follow and your photos help alot. thanks so much for sharing Im going to make several of this for my grandaughter tomorrow…thanks again ….Nanny

  18. Jayson says:

    This is great I can’t wait to try it! I would love to know how to make the new bummper less crib sheet that they are calling the “complete sheet” I think I would be easy to do as long as you have the measurements correct. Any thoughts?

  19. Penny Grace says:

    Absolutely wonderful. My daughter-in-law had an uncle make her an old fashioned cradle – the size was realy different and we couldn’t even find a mattress. We bought heavy duty memory foam and cut it to fit and then I’m using your directions to adjust to make some fitted sheets. The only thing I’m doing different is the elastic. I’ve never had any luck doing it your way. Instead I’m making a deeper hem, running the elastic through, and then fastening both ends of it. Same result only done differently. Thanks for the help – nice to share.

  20. jessekaywenger says:

    thank you SO MUCH for this tutorial! i finished 2 sheets and now just have to wait for the babe to wake up to try them on!!!! i’m so excited! (this was my first time sewing w/ elastic!)

  21. I love your tut! It gave me an idea that I could convert a king flat sheet into a queen fitted sheet. I was hoping it would work cause that is what I had but not what I needed! It worked! If you would like to see then you can go to my blog I linked back to you for those that read my blog that want a great tutorial!

  22. amazing… u made it by urself.
    i produce bed sheet 4 sell, but i hire others to do it 😀

  23. TtCole says:

    I find this very great. Thanks for the details. Very useful indeed

  24. MamaWolf says:

    This was such a great tutorial–easy to follow! I made a semi-fitted flat sheet (flat sheet with pockets just at the foot end, to keep it “tucked”) to match the crib sheets that we still use on my toddler’s bed (and will make one more when I have the chance).

  25. Hannah says:

    My son recieved a very nice (and very expensive) comforter set for christmas last year for his new “big boy” bed. it came with the normal comforter, fitted sheet, flat sheet and one pillow case. i thoroughly love this set except for that one little issue, the other matching sheet sets are $45!!!! So i have been looking for patterns to make my own for MUCH cheaper. this tutorial is crazy easy and i may make a few differents sets to go with the existing comforter set. i was wondering though, how much fabric will i need for the flat sheet and pillow case? thank you in advance for any insight/advice!

  26. Sam says:

    I had so much trouble finding a non-pastel boy sheet that I liked. So I found some really cool fabric online after coming across your tutorial. Just finished it and it looks awesome! Can’t wait for the morning when I can put this one on!

  27. Y. Johnson says:

    I’m expecting my first child and having a heck of a time finding fabric to make valances that coordinate with his crib bedding. I decided to purchase another crib sheet and make a valance from that. With a 57″ W window what is your tips on making a valance from a crib sheet that is to fit a 28″x52″ standard crib mattress?

    • Kymy says:

      Honestly I have no clue! I would start by finding valance tutorials & seeing how much fabric you actually need, then measure the actual sheet & see if you have enough.

  28. rebecca says:

    How would I figure out how to make a sheet for a mini crib? The mattress measurements are 37.5 x 23 x 2

  29. Dee says:

    Thanks for the detailed instructions…stitching the princess sheet for my daughter’s new toddler bed was a breeze!

  30. I’m thrilled you’ve shared this and cannot wait to make twin sheets! Do you have the measurements for a twin mattress in terms of how much material I’d need? Thanks again!

  31. Albs says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. i just made one.

  32. Linda Cobbs says:

    Thanks for every thing the crib sheet worked out great.

  33. Jillian Jones says:

    Hello everybody, Can someone please explain to this Aussie girl what a crib is???
    Is it a bassinet size? That is the first bed a baby usually sleeps in until a bit bigger to go into what we call a cot. I would like to make some bassinet sheets for my Nephews soon to be born baby boy and cannot do until I get confirmation from one of you wonderful ladies. Naturally, I have to convert everything into centimetres.
    Your kind help would be very much appreciated.,
    Many thanks for your time.

    • Kymy says:

      A crib is the north american name for what I believe you call a cot. I am hoping to have a ‘make cutsom size sheets’ tutorial up soon for make any size since mattresses can very so much as it is.

  34. Uvilda says:

    Thanks a lot! Just made mine with Winnie the Pooh pattern, fits great!

  35. Toneal says:

    Have you done a fitted sheet for a twin size bed??

  36. Connie says:

    Your tutorial is the best I’ve read. Its great to follow the pictures as yoou go.

  37. vira says:

    this is one, if not, one of the best and easiest tutorials on the internet! thanks so much for sharing!

  38. Untouchable says:

    Thank you for posting your tutorial. It was easy to understand and very helpful 🙂

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