Getting ready for the SewingMamas Feb stash game!

Well here it is, my stash of fabric!  Well its everything but the fleece & the bag that my friend Jasmine is getting in a few weeks.  I have been collecting for years, mostly what I fall in love with, though I have some large yardage of fabrics that I was using to make pouch slings a few years back.  Anyways I have never really had my fabric organized where I could see it & find what I needed when I wanted it.  Well a few months ago I joined which has an AWESOME bunch of sewing mamas on it!  Anyways many of the ladies started to organize there stash for the Feb stash game.  I decided to see what it was about & I am in heaven!  The whole point is to work through your stash which can never hurt!    For projects you complete you get points… its just a fun way to help motivate everyone to sew.

 Anyways I am super excited so I followed a blog that many of the mamas had found on ruler folding… (Happy Zombie anyways after about 4 hours & about 450 yards later here it is!  This shelf is 8′ long and 18″ tall.  It is only stacked one row deep.  Please excuse the rest of the mess, I haven’t finished the sewing area yet!


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1 Response to Getting ready for the SewingMamas Feb stash game!

  1. vegbee says:

    ooh, its so pretty all neat like that!

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